Welcome to my blog where I will be sharing my journey to regain my online and offline privacy.

P/S. English is not my first language and I hope this would help me to improve my language skills too.

For years, I have been spewing my life online on social medias like Friendster (woah), MySpace, Facebook and many more. Also, storing private data on cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

I have spent over a year clearing up my digital footprint and preventing myself from leaving further digital footprint by slowly migrating away from the big data harvesting companies like Facebook and Google.

Stay tuned as I log my progress and updates on how I have been keeping my privacy and data safe.

You must be thinking who’s this paranoid person thinking everyone is spying on him. I recommend watching the documentary “NOTHING TO HIDE”, it might change your view.

Just another person who has been woken to the fact that our privacy is infact important and decided to log his journey and views. P/S. English is not my first language, please excuse any errors in my posts.

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