How to change your DNS

What’s DNS?

In short, DNS (Domain Name System) is used to match domain names (youcantsee.me) to IP address ( If DNS does not exist, you would have to remember the IP address of the sites you want to visit.

Why you should change to 3rd-party DNS instead of your ISP DNS?

  • It is definitely faster and more stable than your ISP’s DNS
  • It is faster, you will feel it when browsing.
  • To prevent your ISP from snooping on you as their DNS are usually unencrypted or transmitted in plain-text or you just have a spying ISP. ISP will be know when and which sites you visited, websites you frequent etc.
  • To bypass bans if your ISP uses DNS level website blocking techniques.
  • You can use ad/tracker-blocking DNS servers to block ads and trackers.

Different available DNS

I use Cloudflares DNS server as it is pro-privacy and as of date the fastest DNS server. However, there are many other DNS available with different functions such as blocking of Adult content, Ad and trackers.

Cloudflare: &

OpenNIC: Has a list of DNS servers you can choose from with different filters (Eg. No logs, DNSCrypt etc.)

Google: & (obviously I would not recommend this but definitely more stable than your ISP DNS)

Just another person who has been woken to the fact that our privacy is infact important and decided to log his journey and views. P/S. English is not my first language, please excuse any errors in my posts.

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