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    My Browser – Mozilla Firefox

    Next step in my Privacy Journey, I have successfully switched from Google Chrome/Chromium to Mozilla Firefox. I used to use Firefox a long time ago but with the release of Google Chrome in 2008, I made the switch the Google Chrome. Google Chrome used to be the most snappy browser that exist. However, with the release Mozilla Firefox Quantum, Firefox is on par or snappier than Chrome. The Mozilla Organization has always been one that advocates internet freedom and privacy and we can see that is clearly the case in the privacy and security settings. Firefox also has a huge range of Add-ons available to harden your privacy. Here are…

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    My Privacy To-Do List

    In the upcoming posts, I will be going more in-depth on the steps I took and I will be taking to progress further on my journey to regaining my privacy. Here is a glimpse of what to expect in my upcoming posts. Each item would be a more in-depth posts by itself. Moving from Windows 10 to Linux Chrome Browser to Firefox Browser (including privacy add-ons) Google Drive to my self-hosted NextCloud instance Flashing my Android phone to LineageOS (privacy related apps) Other privacy related topics Stay tuned!